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Brother P Touch

Has anyone got one of these little label machines, I got one from Argos as I had a voucher for Christmas and I have to say I have been using it around the house to get organised.

I am not a neat freak but I like things tidy and organised, I have some small boxes in draws with craft things in and every time I went into a draw I could not remember what was in each box, so I labelled them and now it is so much quicker to find what I need.

I also labelled files in my office. this little machine came with one white roll which has black text, but I believe you can buy other colour combinations.

It can print single or double lined text in various sizes and fonts, you can also add icons, underline and frames which makes it so versatile.

The machine cuts the tape for you once you have printed it and it is instantly dry it also has a neat slot that you slide your tape into and pull out quickly and that separates the tape on one end so no fiddling about trying to remove the backing.

Here are a few things I’ve labelled so far.

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