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Cleaning your electronic cutter mat

So at weekend I spent some time cleaning out my sewing machine and today I decided I would clean one of my mats that I use with my Pazzles electronic cutting machine.

The first photo shows the mat before I had done anything to it.

The second photo shows the mat after I had sprayed it with Crafters Companion Stick Away, this products is great it loosens all the build up of gunk on the mat so that you can scrape it clean.

The final photo shows the mat with masking tape all around the edges and it has been sprayed with Crafters Companion Stick n Spray reposition-able adhesive, which has been left for a short while and once I remove the masking tape I will have a more or less new mat to start using again for my projects. Just look how clean and new it looks.

Dont think once your mat is old you have to throw it away just bring them back to life for a while longer.

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