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Craft Room Change

Yesterday I decided to change my craft room I am sure I cannot be the only one who has stuff that they don’t use, I decided to de clutter.

I had two desks in my room a small white Ikea table for my SNC and paper crafting and a bigger desk that used to have my sewing machine and serger on.

Ive not been doing much sewing lately so thought I would move things around.

This is how it was up to May 2015


I got rid of the long Ikea desk and changed it to this in 2015.


Yesterday I decided to get rid of the small Ikea desk and swapped it for my big desk from the opposite wall, this is what it looks like now its freed up lots of space in my room. I will lift my sewing machine onto the table as and when I need it.


The next thing I have to do is work out how to get rid of the big ugly white bedding box thats stood next to the Ikea Expedite unit, it only has old photo frames in it but it was a wedding present from his grandparents some 35+ years ago so my husband wants me to keep it!

This room flows into my sun room so I didn’t want to be looking back at lots of unused clutter.

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