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First Ever Craft Room Tour - 2020

craft room furniture

So in todays video I thought I would share my new craft room with you, I love watching craft room tours on Youtube for ideas and inspiration so I thought you may like to see mine.

This room was originally my office and housed my desk, computer and some other furniture.

My craft desk and all other units and craft supplies have been in the room next door which is south facing, very bright, extremely hot in the summer and has caused me filming problems over the years.

In addition as I used one half of what is a big through sun room I only really had 3 walls, one of which had the door from the hall and another had a full length window, so although it was a big room Ive never felt completely happy with the configuration, but was thankful that I had a dedicated room so really I just got on with using it. I had been thinking about moving my computer desk into the craft room so everything was together, but again I couldn't work out where it would go and how it would work.

My lightbulb Moment

Then In a "light bulb" moment (I am a bit slow Ive only been in this house 10 years) I came up with the idea of moving my craft room into my office, which is half the size! but Im still very greatful to have an alternative room I can make my own.

So over the last 3 days Ive been moving furniture from one room to another its been a slow process calculating and figuring out where everything will go but Im more than happy with the outcome.

This room is north facing, but has a big window so although its still bright I'm hoping it will not cause me the problems I've had in the past in the sun room.

Since making the video I have made one small alteration Ive moved the Ikea 2 draw unit from on top of the Kallax onto my computer desk to stand my Mac on.

The only things I have not been able to figure out is how I can also bring in my sewing machine and serger without adding more sizeable furniture which I don't want to do, However whilst writing this blog post Ive just had my second "light bulb" moment of the year, wow I think I need to go and lie down!

Ive seen people use these Ikea units as die cut stations, where they put the top tier on upside down so its a flat surface.

Im thinking now if i did the same and put my sewing machine on top, then leave off the middle tier, and turn the bottom tier upside down too, my serger would sit underneath, these take up very little space and i could just lift my machine off it and onto my desk if and when I want to sew.

Does anyone use one of these or something similar? I would love to know how it works for you. I think I can feel a trip to Ikea coming on now.

Anyway the video is below if you want to see how it's looking so far. Ive also listed as much as possible all my furniture and storage solutions below, hope it helps.

List Of Furniture & Accessories

Kallax Glass Shelf

Fjalla Storage box (new version of mine black & White)

Office Chairs (not available)

Desk Lamps (not available)

The Stampin Up Storage on my desk shelf is available from my online shop direct links under the image.

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