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Creating A Vinyl Cutting File For The Loklik Crafter

dog paw can wrap, for cup/mug

Hi everyone, in a recent video I showed how I cut this design in permanent vinyl using the Loklik cutting machine.

Todays video is a quick overview of how I altered a design I found on Creative Fabrica and add to it, to make it my own.

I will link to the previous video incase you haven't seen it. I will also link to the mug wrap cutting file I designed for the ScanNCut.

Links to the SVG cutting file and Font I used will also be linked below.

Also Creative Fabrica still have their joining offer on so I will provide my affiliate link for that too, it doesn't cost you anything but it does help me out a little.

There are thousands of SVG, Sublimation, PDF's Embroidery designs and so much more.

The vinyl and transfer tape used are linked in my Amazon links below in the craft products section.

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Great video as always Thanks Ashley,hope all is well with you and Hannah and Eddy of course .Hugs Pauline x

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