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Creating Cut files for ScanNCut using Embrilliance Essentials

So a few weeks ago Embrilliance Essentials updated their software to include a feature that allows you to create a ScanNCut appliqué file at the click on one button from within their software.

Ive had the express (demo) version on my Mac for a while, just playing about with the features trying to learn how the software works and I have to say its very easy, but as soon as they introduced the cut file feature I bought the full working version.

With this new feature the Embrilliance software not only creates a cut file but it adds a 1.5mm allowance onto the cut file, this can be reduced down to 0 or up to 3mm if necessary, this feature is great because it ensures that when you are stitching out around your fabric that your machine will catch all the fabric and hold it in place ready for the satin edge stitch.

The video shows you from start to finish how this works.

I have done a video previously showing how I printed a placement line for applqie using the demo version you can find that tutorial here Printing Cut Line for ScanNCut

You can find the Embrilliance software on their website Here

It works on both Mac and Windows and the Express Demo version is a working version but you cannot save anything you create unless you buy the activation code, but you can print from it as I show in the video link above.

Hope you find this helpful.

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