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Cutting felt with Scan n Cut

So today I thought I would try cutting felt the guide I had for the regular blade and mat were blade 7, pressure 9 and 1 pass.

So I did all that apart from I put my blade on 6 I did a test cut and it cut perfectly.

I loaded up my mat with various bits of felt which I had ironed heat n bond ultra on the back of, removed the paper backing and put the heat n bond side down onto my mat.

I brought in all the various pieces of the designs I wanted to cut, scanned my mat and positioned all the shapes onto the respective bit of felt.

Sent it to cut, but before I removed the mat from the machine I lifted a corner of each piece of felt to make sure everything had cut.

They all did except the pale green top right of the mat, although all the felt was different thickness this one was more fibrous then the others.

I left the mat in the machine went back into my edit screen and deleted all the shapes except the one on the pale green felt, I increased the blade to 7 then I just sent the machine to cut again. I could have probably left the blade on 6 but wanted to be sure it would cut this piece second time around.

Removed the mat and removed all the waste. everything cut perfectly as you can see from the photos.



I will post a photo of the finished projects when they are done.

Ok so here they are, what do you think.


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