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Dashed Line Flower Card Part 1 & 2

This weeks video is in two parts, in part 1 I show you how i used a simple leaf shape in SNC Canvas and turned it into a flower, I showed how to assign cut lines and how to add an inward offset line which I made into a drawn dashed line.

I showed how to name and save the project in SNC Canvas and how to download it via USB or wifi.

Part 2 of the video was a live stream broadcast which is on my channel for anyone who missed it. I show how i retrieved the flower design on my machine, how to save it and then how to draw and cut it.

I went on to show how to make the card base from another shape in the machine and how to scan it and make a smaller matting layer, which I cut from pattern paper.

I also showed how to write the greeting using a font I got off the internet from its called Europe Underground, if you want to use it, with the SNC font converter.

I hope you like the project.

Part 1 is Here

Part 2 is Here

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