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Embrilliance Essentials Appliqué

So I’ve had the demo version of Embrilliance Essentials now for a while and I have been waiting for them to bring out a digitiser add on to their software, but last week they did a free update which allows users to make a ScanNCut cut file whilst in their software for appliqué.

So I decided it was about time I bought the full version. I also bought a great split monogram front from Rivermill Embroidery and thought I would try it out.

Rivermill provide a BX version of the font within the font folder which basically means once it’s installed in Embrilliance you just type a word as you would in any other programme and choose that font and it appears on screen as you would expect, which is different from other fonts that you use, you usually have to type each letter separately and then align them which can be a bit of a pain.

So here is the results of my first experience of using a stitch file and cut file directly from Embrilliance, I would add I cut the calico with no backing what so ever. I had a very sticky mat and applied a liberal coating of reposition able spray adhesive only to the back of the calico as you can see from the photo of it still on the mat it cut perfectly.


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