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Embrilliance Essentials my new BFF!

I wrote a post on the 18th July telling you all that Enbrilliance had added an appliqué feature into their software that allows you at the click of one button to make a ScanNCut cutting file for your appliqué design and this was absolutely free.

So this morning I tried it out and it worked perfectly, I wanted to make my cut file 1-2mm bigger once in the ScanNCut but In my excitement I forgot, anyway it worked out fine but the tack down stitch was quite close in places, but they satin stitch covered it.

Anyway I left a message on their Facebook page earlier asking if there was anyway that they could build into the software the facility to make the cut file 1 – 2 mm bigger than the stitch file automatically.

They just replied saying they did exactly that yesterday, so version 1.133 which is on their site free to download. I’ve just installed it and will try it out this week.

How amazing are these guys, I think they Re going to become my new best friends forever.

Thank you all at Embrilliance Essentials.

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