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Embrilliance Essentials ScanNCut Appliqué

Ok so I had to try out the new update of Embrilliance with the inflate feature.

If you don’t know what I am talking about basically Embrilliance have introduced a feature into their embroidery software that will make your ScanNCut appliqué cut file for you and by default it inflates/makes bigger the size of the cut file by 1.55 mm over the stitch file.

This is great for making sure that the appliqué fabric gets caught under the stitches on the tack down embroidery step.

You can adjust the size down to 0 or up to 3mm but I left mine at the 1.5mm default and it works great.

I’ve recorded a video showing how it was done but it will not be posted for a few weeks because I have others I need to make live first, as people have been waiting for video instruction for various projects.

But here is what I made for now it’s a wall hanging I just need to buy some dowel rod to slide thought the top and then it can hang in place.


Here it is now completed.

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