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Fabric Cutting With the Pazzles

Tonight I have been trying to cut Fabric and Felt with the Pazzles. I will show you the results first and then explain how I did it.


The first elephant was cut following these instructions I have had on my website by ‘Ladybugs’ for some time using the ‘Heat n Bond’ she shows.

The settings here are Blade 4, pressure 23, speed 3

I followed them to the letter and found that on these settings I had to do 2 cuts to get them to cut clean, but I didnt like that the fabric was stuck fast to the card backing.

If you are  just using the design to stick on a card or scrapbook layout it would be fine.

If the intention is to use the fabric design for a fabric sewing project then i would prefer not to have the card backing.

The second elephant was cut without any card backing and I used  the Pazzles ‘Fabric Stiffend Cotton’ settings of Blade 4, pressure 25, speed 3 which are slightly different from the other tutorial and it cut perfect.

The Felt ear was cut using the same settings but with 2 cuts and the felt was the sift thin kind.

Both elephants were cut using the regular Pazzles 12×12 cutting mat as for the life of me I can not get my fabric mat to load into my machine.

I would also add that I  just used the blade that I had in my machine and its not new.

So I hope that helps but have a play and experiment and see what results you get.

I just need to turn these into a sewing project now, so watch this space!

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