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So this has been what seems like an epic task, the project was started back in December 2020, I put it on one side and never got around to making it.

In March 2021 I decided I better get my act together and make it, now although I had a note of the basic measurements of the fabric I hadn't made any notes on how to assemble, and I thought I knew!

All was going ok until I came to sew the front to the back pieces and I did it wrong, so I had to unpick it and start again, but these things happen and we learn from our mistakes.

Anyway I got there in the end but let this be a lesson to you all, don't prepare a project and come back to it 3 months later and expect that it will all go smoothly!

I love these fabric document holders i use them a lot in my craft room and they are so much nicer to look at than the plain cardboard ones. I hope you like the project.

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