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Facebook Meet Up Live Tonight 7pm UK Time

Hi everyone, just letting you know we are doing a Facebook live tonight at 7pm UK time on the Makers Superstore Facebook page.

Please come along and join us and if you have any questions we will try our best to answer them for you.

I am making a project that is available free in Canvas Workspace, this project can be made with any model ScanNCut machine.

This is what I will be making.

If you want to make it along with me its project number 000232 Mothers Day Pop Up Box Card, there is a PDF document in Canvas Workspace giving you a list of all the materials needed with step by step instructions and the cutting file with the various elements needed.

So hop on over grab the project and meet me at 7pm tonight. Ive pre cut and assembled some of the pieces to save time in the live.

Here is a list of how I cut my cardstock for all the parts that makeup the project, I hope it helps.

All measurements are inches

  1. 1 x 12×12 blue card

  2. 1 x 8×12 green card

  3. 1 x 8×3 pattern paper

  4. 1 x 4×4 white card

  5. 1 x 6×4 white card

  6. 1 x 3×3 dark pink card

  7. 1 x 7.5×3 medium pink card

  8. 1 x 7.5×3 light pink card

  9. 1 x 5×3 yellow card

  10. 1 x 4×2.5 orange card

  11. 1 x 12 inch piece of ribbon

  12. 9 pearls

You will also need

  1. Pen holder and pen

  2. 1 x 6″ piece of thin wire

  3. liquid adhesive

  4. Glue dots

  5. 3D foam adhesive

  6. Thin double sided tape

I hope you can join us, but if not download the project and have a go, its lovely

Thanks Ashley

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