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Hall Clock

This clock was bought for us many many years ago and I love it beccause it chimes every 15 minutes but when we moved into this house which is new and modern with all white walls and paintwork we also went for Oak doors and furniture and my husband said the clock didn’t look right in the house and wanted to give it away.

I said no I will do something with it, its been hung in the hallway now for some time so I decided this weekend I would paint it.

I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax which I have not used before I bought two tester sized pots one in Duckegg Blue and one in Pure White and light wax.

So last night I decided to take the clock to pieces and paint it in duck egg blue. I didn’t do any preparation apart from wiping the outside of the clock with a damp cloth.

I applied 2 thin coats neat to the clock but I found the chalk paint to be quit thick so after asking for advice on the net I thinned out the paint for my last coat with water and it went on a dream.

I left it to dry in between coats and then later on last night I applied the wax with a cloth and left it.

This morning I have buffed it and put it back together, I also came across this little heart while I was out shopping yesterday and it is a similar colour to the paint so I have put a small hook in the bottom of the clock to hang it from.

The inside looks dark in the photo but it has been painted. I think it has turned out great.





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