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Homemade Ginger Biscuits

This afternoon Ive been making ginger biscuits, here are some so far, this recipe was given to me by a friend and its supposed to make 20 however I think I may have made mine a bit small as I have actually got 40, yummy.

ginger biscuits

The recipe if you fancy trying it is –

Fan oven 170 for 15 mins (take out when golden)

Makes 20+

Margarine 6oz

Caster Sugar 6oz

Plain Flour 12oz

Ginger 1 level tsp

Baking Powder 2 level tsp

Golden Syrup 6oz

Cream the marg and sugar together well

Add all the dry ingredients sifted into your mixture

Add the syrup and mix well

Place small amount of mixture onto a try lined with greaseproof or baking paper ( i spooned about half a rounded teaspoon of mixture as a guide, which gave me 40 biscuits)

They are yummy especially when still warm, enjoy

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