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Hot water bottle cover

I found this hot water bottle cosy on Pinterest a while ago and thought it may come in handy sometime.

Well the time is now, I made mine slightly different but it was a fairly quick and easy project.

I made 2 quilt sandwiches consisting of, main fabric, wadding and lining fabric which I cut at 18 x 10 inches. I quilted these rectangle pieces first using a decorative stitch on my Janome Memorycraft 9900.  Then I placed the backing template to one piece and cut it out and then placed the two front pieces of the template onto my second sandwich and cut those out.

Once done I sewed the bias binding to the two front pieces, put right sides together and sewed all round. I also overlocked all the way around to tidy up the inside edges.

Turned it right side out put my 1.5 litre hot water bottle inside and thats it.

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