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I’ve Been Sorting My Office

When we moved into this house on new years eve and I had built these units for my office, I was so tired and stressed that I literally just unpacked and put things anywhere.

Needless to say every time I want something I am looking in the endless draws, so I decided I would organise my space better.

So here are some photos. Click on the photo and then click again to get the full size image.

My office is essentially a rectangle with a section cut out on the right as you walk in for our cloakroom and downstairs WC, so when you walk into it you don’t fully see all the office because of a section of adjoining wall.

The first photo is what you see from the door and the large notice board stood on the floor is to go on the wall over my printers sometime today.

Then you come into the room and see the three wall units that i built these are what store all my stationery, odds and ends and Pazzles stock.

The next photos is as you turn right into my office I have a good size window with three large panes of glass where I will have a roman blind when Ive made it.

I bought this fabric from Ikea the other day its lovely is taupe, cream, white and a burgundy red.

The next photo is my Ikea Galant desk which I love its a good size and then the next photo is showing my printers which is where the big notice board will be hung.

You can just see my laser printer  on the floor next to my Epson at the moment I need another small table to stand it on.

The last photo is the view from my window,  my office is at the front of the house so you can just see a section of the double gates , we also have a single gate the same next to these.

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