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Ikea Raskog - Sewing Stand

Hi everyone I recently did a post about my new office/craft room, and at the time I said the only things I hadn't managed to work out, was how to have my Janome MC9900 sewing/embroidery machine and my Juki MO1000 overlocker in here with me.

Whilst writing that blog post I had a lightbulb moment and thought about maybe using an Ikea Raskog rolling cart, so I went to Ikea the other day and bought one.

I also purchased the optional extra wooden chopping board which lets you use the top tray not only for storage inside but gives you a flat surface to be able to store something on the top as well, in my case my sewing machine.

The Ikea cart has 3 deep storage trays, but i didn't put the middle one on, Im using it elsewhere in my craft room.

I turned the bottom try upside down so it makes a shelf but obviously cannot store anything inside it.

My Juki overlocker fits perfectly on this shelf, however, Ive now realised that if I turn the bottom try back over as it should be and purchase another chopping board, I will get the same effect and be able to make use of the try for storage. So I need to go back and buy another one.

My sewing machine and overlocker are both well built heavy machines and this cart is sturdy enough to hold both, and because its on wheels I can roll it into a corner out of the way when not in use and its easy to get the machines on and off to transfer them to my desk for sewing. Ive pulled it out under the window for the photo and removed my sewing machine cover so hopefully you can see it properly.

So if you're short on space and looking for a storage solution for your machines this could be an option for you. I would add its also easy to assemble.

Just go to and search "Raskog" for size and colour options.

Here it is tucked away in the corner of my office/craft room.

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