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Inkpad for iPad and ScanNCut

Ok so last night I was looking for something on YouTube on my iPad and came across this video done by Cleversomeday. In this video she shows how to write on your iPad and save you work as an SVG file, which you can then put in Dropbox Inkpad

She used the SVG file with the Silhouette software, but I’ve just tried it and imported my file from Dropbox to Canvas, converted it to a ScanNCut file downloaded it and got the machine to write out my words with the pen tool.

The top one in the picture was done last night when I was in bed it’s supposed to say “hello” although the last letter looks more like an “a”.

The Happy Birthday underneath I’ve just drawn again with my finger on the iPad screen it was drawn in an A4 landscape page and filled the width then I reshaped it using the icons in the app.

Once in Canvas I shrunk it down to under an inch and the ScanNCut has drawn it perfectly, so this could be any greeting for a card or scrapbook page done in my own handwriting.

Watch her video she has a link to the free app in the comments box under the video. Have fun.

I know we can use our own handwriting and scan it through the machine to do something similar but this app gives you another way to play.

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