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Inkscape Hints & Tips Video

Ive have been seeing lots of comments in various Facebook groups in the last week asking for help with SVG cutting files when in Canvas.

Lots of people offer help and advice including me, but the problem we have is we cannot actually see the problem file we can only offer help based on what the person who has the problem says in a message. I have had several people send me problem files recently for me to look at and to be honest they have all had their own individual problems.

When we import an SVG file into ScanNCut Canvas and it doesn’t behave as we expect it too, or it needs to be broken apart and there isn’t an ungroup option, what do we do.

Well Inkscape is the answer its a free vector programme available for both Mac and Windows that will open and let you edit and manipulate SVG files.

Ive made a hints and tips video with a few things to look for that may help you out if you have a problem with an SVG file, this video is not a definitive how to as there are things I just didn’t have time to cover, but it may give you answers or clues as to how to deal with the files in the future.

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