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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Well only 4 more sleeps as my daughter informed me this morning. Today Ive been baking Ive made the Suzy Pelta mini victoria sponges and chocolate dipped shortbread biscuits from the kit I bought from QVC a few weeks ago.

The kits come with all the dry ingredients and you add things like butter and eggs and they are in lovely bright tins, my kits were in the blue and pink tins.

The mini Victoria sponge preparation was a new method to me as you had to use melted butter and once all the ingredients were combined the mixture seemed very loose but I went with it and they turned out lovely. The kit is supposed to make 15 cakes but mine only made 12 maybe I filled the cases up a little too much. You get three small glass jars of preserve in the kit with 30g in each, bitter orange, blackcurrant and strawberry, the only thing I would say is if you want to make all your cakes with just one flavour as i did i only just had enough jam to make my 12 cakes and it had to be spread very thinly but they taste delicious.

I think I will try this method of making Victoria sponge the next time I make a full size cake.

Ive also made the last of the caramel fudge also from a kit I bought from QVC from Calico Cottage.

I bought my kit when it was on a try me price it was about £15 but everything I have made from it has been lovely.

So here are the results.


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