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Machine Embroidery Testing A Bean Stitch Design

Hi everyone for todays project I am showing you how I created the machine embroidery design in embrilliance essentials, from two stitch files I got free in creative fabrica, links to the font and design will be below.

I am not sure I made myself clear in the video but I've never done a left chest placement stitch out before, so I was test stitching this design on an old t-shirt. It has been washed and worn a couple of times, but to be honest it shrunk in the wash so I don't wear it anymore, so its going to be my test garment, but I thought I would record a video for anyone new to machine embroidery.

I know I say when doing ScanNCut projects, test cut before you start on your best card stock, so why wouldn't I do the same when doing embroidery projects, well I suppose for me in the past Ive mainly embroidered towels, tea towels and fabric for bags etc and I think they are more forgiving.

However, I am totally new to clothing I did a black t-shirt recently and it worked out perfectly, I think I was just lucky, it was also a centre front placement which I think is easier.

So this pink t-shirt is going to be my test stitching piece, do any of you do this?

Things Ive learnt from this process

  1. When doing tone on tone stitching I need a design which is more dense in stitches.

  2. If using a bean stitch use either a contrasting colour thread or one that is at least 1 or 2 shades darker, this thread was to close to the colour of my shirt.

  3. For this particular design I needed the design to be at least 1" over and down for better placement.

So do you have any tips, if so please leave a comment.

To join creative fabrica click Here.

Paw print bean stitch Here

Alphabet bean stitch Here

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Thank Ashley,I really enjoyed this post and the video was excellent,I also have the Brother V5LE machine ,but my software is Embird I have never made a bounding box in this software I will have to look into it ,once again Ashley you have given me food for thought.xx

May 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you I am having fun trying new things out with this machine. I knew I could do a bounding box directly on the machine, but someone told me about adding it in embrilliance essentials. You may have the option in your software to. Thank you 

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