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Make An Appliqué Cut File Directly On Your ScanNCut From A PES Stitch File

Hi everyone if you have followed me for some time you will know I use Embrilliance Essentials as my computer embroidery software programme, but what if you are new to sewing/embroidery and don't own or want to buy software yet, but you like the idea of creating appliqué projects. Well this weeks video may help you.

This technique will work on the SDX2200D & SDX1200 and may possibly work on a CM900 if that machine can read PES stitch files.

Heres something to think about before you watch the video most stitch files that you obtain free or purchase from the internet come in various stitch file formats, PES, JEF, HUS, DST etc etc, lets just say you use a Janome sewing/embroidery machine which uses a JEF file format.

You could download the equivalent Brother PES file from your chosen design onto a usb flash stick, open it on your scanncut machine (if you have a machine that can read PES files) you can then create your appliqué cut file and cut out your fabric pieces on your scanncut.

Once at your sewing machine you would create your design as normal using your normal Janome JEF stitch file and add you pre cut appliqué fabric pieces.

It may or may not save you time in the long run but some people struggle hand cutting so why not let your scanncut take the strain for you if it can read the PES stitch file.

Your stitch file has to be an appliqué file for this process to work, heres the video I hope it helps.

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