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New Forum On My Website

Im trying out a forum, I've added it to my website, this is independent of the blog, so if you are subscribed already to my blog, you will still have to sign up to use the forum if you want to.

Subscribing to my blog just means you are notified when i publish a blog post.

Signing up to the forum means you will be able to ask questions, make comments and post photos relating to the scanncut machine (any model) and canvas workspace.

It is not a forum for any other cutting machine or software.

I am hoping it will make things a little easier for me, as at the moment i get messages and photos from all forms of social media and I don't always see them straight away, plus you will hopefully get answers from other members if I'm not available.

Please bare with me as its new and there may be teething problems, but Ive made a quick video showing how you sign up and then subsequently log in.

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