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Overview of ScanNCut Update V1.60 (17th December 2015)

So its been a few weeks now since Brother released the V1.60 update for our CM600 DX, the machine software update includes:-

Machine info now on Page 5 of the Settings

A change in the default setting of Scan to Cut Data (now 3mm)

Adjust the Scanning/Cutting Position (cutting calibration) You can find a direct link to a video showing how this feature works together with a written PDF showing step by step instructions on my “ScanNCut Help & Info Page here on my blog)

The ability to now import SVG cutting files directly on the SNC Machine.

Updated scanning recognition for both Greyscale and Colour (details in my video showing my amazing result with a Stampin Up stamped image).

I have to say my two favourite features of the update are the readable SVG files and the new better scanning capabilities.

I am not sure you can see it here, but I stamped this image on textured cardstock and the ink bled into it and SNC picked up all the indentations, these were exaggerated when cutting because I asked the SNC to add a 0.04 inch border.


My video is Here

The video from Brother showing how the new scanning/cutting calibration works is Here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

The PDF written instructions for scanning/cutting calibration is Here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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