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Quilt Along - Block 3

Hi everyone todays video project is block 3 of my quilt along.

I had a couple of small cutting problems with the fabric mat, my error not the mats!

But I left them in so that you can see what can happen and how to rectify them.

Tip although my mat is sticky, please make sure that you wipe your mat with an alcohol free baby wipe and let it dry in between cutting your fabrics, this will reactivate the sticky on your mat and you shouldn't have any problems.

Apart from that and one of my seams not lining up properly, I think it turned out fine. I am not an expert and handmade is not perfection so its all good!

I hope you are enjoying the quilt along, its been lovely seeing the different fabrics and colours you are all using in your blocks please continue to post photos of your finished blocks in the forum quilt along section.

See you next month for block 4


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