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Recycled Corkboard

This old cork pin board has been sat in my office unused since we moved house at new year and to be honest I didn’t really use it before we moved either.

Anyway I decided last night that I would give it a face lift.

So here it is.

I think it looks much better, Ive used some fabric Ive had a while it was a big remnant that I paid about £5 for and Ive used it in lots of projects that you can see on this blog. I added some wadding and used a staple gun to fasten both to the back of the board frame.

The blue ribbon again Ive had ages and I used some ‘sugar coated brads’  to anchor the ribbon where they cross.

I couldn’t get the brads to go through the ribbon and the cork board, so I put them just through the ribbon and put a dab of hot glue behind each section to hold it down to the fabric.

I love how it turned out and its going on the wall in the craft room.

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