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ScanNCut Canvas Circles

When is a circle not a circle? when its a scollop. Sorry!

When I first registered for canvas I didn’t think much of it, after having used Inkscape and Silhouette Studio which have far more functions and options, I felt canvas was very limited.

But I have to say after playing with it now for a few weeks and posting my videos on youtube I can see that it does have a bit more about it than I first thought. Its not just a conversion tool for converting SVG files into ScanNCut files.

Yes I would love more functions and there may well be hidden things I have not found yet but today I decided to play around with circles again. In the screen shot below you will see all the different shapes I was able to make from a humble circle, all these were made just by using the weld, divide, remove overlap, and subtract icons that are in the software.

I was able to make great toppers and cards Ive coloured them in so that hopefully you can see them better and don’t forget we can make these any size we like which is the beauty of having an electronic cutting machine.

So have a play if you click some buttons and things don’t turn out as you were expecting hit the undo button, that is my favourite button in most software. See what you can make try different shapes let me know how you get on.


The two designs top right would cut in several small parts but if you then place those inside another circle you can get yet another shape. So many options to play around with.


Here they are cut out I reduced them in size to just under 3 inches, not sure what to do with them yet I may make them into a little gift set.

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