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ScanNCut – Cutting bigger than 12×12 or 12×24

This weeks video was inspired by my friend Nancy who does amazing projects with vinyl, she wanted to be able to cut a design that was bigger than not only our 12×12 mat, but bigger than the 12×24 mat, she knew what she wanted to do using Inkscape and asked me for some help in how to pull it off.

A new video was born!

You may know a better way to do this but this is what jumped into my mind as soon as she asked me.

You will need Inkscape which is free vector software available off the internet and there are direct links at the bottom of my blog for both Mac and PC users.

In the video I show you how to split designs that are in landscape and portrait and this can also be done with text, so the possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoy the video.


The video is Here

Just as an extra note Paul Bailey reminded me that this can be done in ScanNCut Canvas using the “divide” function, the only thing I would say is when I was doing my testing before I recorded the video it wasn’t as straight forward as doing it in Inkscape, there’s an extra step in that when you do the divide you will have at least two parts, one which you will delete and that will reveal the cut away section underneath.

Also from my testing, on some designs like my stag head when it divided the design I had several extra bits I had to delete before I could reveal the part I needed, so for me it was an easier process to use Inkscape, but use the same principles I show you in the video and try it with Canvas using “divide” and see for yourself.

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