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ScanNCut Exploding Box Card

So here is another idea for a shaped card, well box actually! These exploding boxes were very popular several years ago and I’ve seen a few popping up on the internet recently so thought I would show how easy they are to make in ScanNCut Canvas.

Ive not decorated mine inside at all, it was just made for the video tutorial but you can make them as simple or elaborate as you wish, you could add photographs, embellishments patterned paper matting layers, anything at all.

The beauty of making this in Canvas is that it is completely re-sizeable. Just make sure you group it all and then size it, and ungroup.

The flower decoration on the lid was made using an inbuilt design from the SNC machine pattern number AR-AO15 and these are the dimensions used if you want to recreate them.

They were made for the next video project which will be posted next week, but as I had a couple left over and this box was sat on my desk I used then for the lid.

Green card flowers were cut at 1-1/4 & 1-1/2 inches wide

Pattern paper layers were cut at 1 & 1-1/4 inches

Circle white card flower centres were cut at 0.40 & 0.35 inches

I hope you like it and the video is Here

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