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Scrapbag and Pincushion

I came across this tutorial through another forum link,  I think, anyway its great.

I cut out and made it all last night, its very easy only straight sewing. I had to buy some rice today for the bag weight, so thought I would share it with you.

sewing tidy

I am working in a makeshift office at the moment until our new house is ready, so I have to work and sew all in the same small space, so no where to take my photo to do it justice!

So I had to put it on a plain white towel for the photo, but at least you will get the idea.

It has a pin cushion on top at either side of a felted section for keeping needles handy.

I have put sections for my small scissors, my fading marker and my small hemming ruler which I use all the time, there’s a spare large pocket behind the scrap bag, which is held in place with a button so easily removes when full of bits.

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