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Sewing Hassle

Why did something so small like this makeup bag cause me so many hassle’s?


Does that ever happen to you.

On the face of it this little makeup bag should have taken probably no more than 30 minutes total.

Well the cutting out was fine, the instructions said i needed a 7 inch zip, OK there i marked and pinned the pleats and started to sew.

All was OK until i came to put the zip in, the zip was to small OK i think never mind carry on it will be OK, then my bobbin ran out so i filled that and started to sew, well the stitches were all funny, so i unpicked my sewing and checked everything and all seemed OK so sewed again.

No the stitches still looked odd so i had to unpick again i took both the cotton and bobbin out and re threaded the machine and is was OK.

I carried on and sewed it all up thinking that when i sewed the seems it would cover up where the zip was short at the ends.

I put it all together and when i turned it inside out my seem allowence hadnt caught where the zip was short!

By this time I was begining to wonder why did it start this project and really couldnt be bothered to unpick it all and the only other zips i had were far to big so i just did a bit of a repair job on the ends of the zip.

Fortunately it is only for me to keep in the bathroom draw with a few bits of makeup in, so i can live with it.

But i wonder if anyone else has been caught out by what should be a simple project that turned into a long winded affair.

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