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Sewing Machine Maintenance

Well this afternoon I decided I would give my machine a bit of an MOT. I cannot remember when I last did this but it wasn’t a very long time ago. I had the radio on and set too it. Don’t be afraid to take your machine apart its simple, they soon get furred up with bits of thread and lint. My machine came with a small cleaning brush and a screwdriver but I need to use a penny to unscrew the plate that sits over the feed dogs.

Just take the parts off in order usually a silver plate the sits over the feed dogs, then possibly a plastic cover and then theres a shuttle I think its called that your bobbin sits in. Once these are all off you can start to de fluff your machine you will be surprised what comes out.

Clean everything out, wipe over the outside of the machine with a damp cloth or baby wipe which is what I used, replace the needle if its not been changed for a long time then re assemble in reverse order

This is what came out of mine!


Once your machine is all back together just do some sewing on a scrap of fabric to make sure everything is ok, thats all there is to it

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