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Storage Bin-ish

Well I haven’t blogged for a few days first off my daughter who has a nut allergy, had an allergic reaction whilst at brownies the other night making bird feeders, which involved handling nuts.

They didn’t seem to think it would be a problem but when i went to collect her it must have just happened and her face was a mess all swollen and red.

Got her home and gave her medication, kept her off school the next day and we are going back to see the specialist.

Then on Friday night I went to bed and all was fine, i woke up just after midnight and could not get back to sleep, next thing I know all my face and eyes were swelling up. I had an allergic reaction to something but have no idea what.

So i spent most of the weekend all swollen faced too, anyway I have decided to paint the old office desk that’s in our craft/play room, so tonight i have given it a quick sand and applied two coats of makeover primer.

I also made this last week its a project I found in the November issue of Sew Hip magazine and thought I would have a go.


Its fairly big its about 9 inch diameter and stand about 7.5 inch high

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