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Template Maker - Box & Lid For The ScanNCut

So about a month ago, i showed how to use the template maker website, (details in the video) in my Sunday night live, this came about because one of my subscribers had been having problems making and cutting a file to the correct size. When she printed out the test box it seemed the correct size, but once she created her SVG file and cut it, it was smaller.

I had to use a bit of trial and error to get the process to work, so I thought I would make a clean recording without all the chat etc and try and explain, what problems can occur and how to rectify them if you plan on using this site to make bigger boxes.

Here is the box, I show you how to make the template, how to apply dashed fold lines in canvas workspace, which you can delete if you don't want them and how to cut it once you have the design on your scanncut machine. Shown here with just 4 cards and no envelopes and theres plenty of room, I think 6 cards and envelopes would fit comfortably in this box even if they had dimension. But as I said in the video measure how high your cards and envelopes are when stacked and make your base the depth to accommodate.

The finished size of this box base is 6 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches, so it will hold UK A6 or US A2 cards with envelopes.

I hope this is helpful.

Also just to remind you that during the month of March 2022 we have an offer on our Mini stampin cut & emboss machine and selected bundles, all the details in the "whats new" section on the home page of my online stampin up shop.

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