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Update on House

Well its my daughters 9th birthday tomorrow and she is having a party at home on Saturday, we have managed to get the lawn laid and settled in, in time and had the stainless steel railings and glass installed on our balcony.

She’s out with Brownies at the moment so I thought I would try and take a picture of the back of the house showing the improvements.

If you look at the far right of the photo you will see the trampoline we have put together today and are hiding outside the holiday let, fortunatley no one is in there today.

When she comes in tonight it will be straight to bed and then we have to go out later and position it in the garden for when she gets up in the morning.

The black wall under our balcony and the stone wall that you can see will eventually be a conservatory if my husband gets his own way.

Now with Balcony & Grass

Now with Balcony & Grass

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