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Using Fonts To Draw With A ScanNCut

The question about what font to use to draw with a ScanNCut comes up quite a lot.

Two of the fonts I mentioned a few weeks ago in a Sunday night live, were Banks miles single and KG Rise up. Both are free fonts available from

In todays video I want to show that despite, Banks miles single having the word single in its title, it is not a single line/stroke font.

The results you will get with any font and a scanncut are based on several things like the size of the words you draw, the actual word its self and the style of pen you use.

In this video I made both my words shown here the same size I used both fonts and drew them with a selection of pens, using the default speed and draw pressure on my SDX2200D. Apart from the first example all the others look the same and at this size you can clearly see the double lines.

I could have probably got the look of a single line if I had made them smaller, but we dont always want a tiny greeting on a card. So you have to choose your font wisely, along with a pen and play around and see what works for you. I hope this helps.

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