Video showing how to cut fabric & felt on the ScanNCut

Ive done blog posts before about how I cut fabric and felt with my ScanNCut, but on our Facebook group I am still reading comments that some people cannot cut these, so I thought I would do a video showing How I do mine which hopefully may help.

I hope its clear enough for you to see but I was filming it on my own, whilst trying to show the fabric and felt in the machine at the same time as trying to show how I chose the flower design and add a seem allowance layer! Also this video despite only being about 17 minutes long has taken the best part of 5 hours to upload, so I don’t really have the time to do it all again.

Just to clarify

I cut the fabric on Blade 4, Pressure 4, Speed 5 I cut the felt on Blade 7, Pressure 9, Speed 5 I used the regular mat and regular blade

I used HeatNBond Ultra and Vilene Bondaweb in my test to show how they both cut.

I made use of the flowers by making a door stop for my laundry door.

#scanncut #felt #bondaweb #fabric #scanncut #vilene #heatnbond

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