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9 x 7 x 1" 3D Shadow Box Frame

Great to decorate as a home decor piece or use it as a photo frame

The overall finished size is 9 x 7 x 1", the aperture is 7 x 5 x 1", but this file has an inner frame as well which is 7 x 5 x 1" and if used as shown in the photos the inner aperture becomes 6 x 4 x 1"

The design is on 3 mats -

1 for the top, bottom & sides

1 for the matting layers

1 for the inner frame

Cut it in card stock or use up your good quality pattern papers

There will be a video tutorial on my youtube channel in January 2023, but you can 

watch a video in the listing, the video is for my 8.75 x 6.75 x 1.5" frame but it goes together the same way.


Cut it with any model ScanNcut machine, CM,DX,SDX its in the FCM file format and can not be provided in any other format.

I have several of these shadow box frames now in various sizes.

Decoration not included


9 x 7 x 1" 3D Shadow Box Frame

  • Digital cutting files can not be returned, refunded or exchanged.

    Please ensure you have the appropriate cutting machine to cut this file format.

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