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1000+ Youtube Subscribers

Well I don’t really know what to say other than wow again, Ive now got over 1000 subscribers from over 50 countries to my Youtube channel and Ive only been posting videos since March this year so just 4 months.

I think this is testament to the popularity of the Brother ScanNCut. I know from messages I receive here on my blog and comments we get on our Facebook group (Scan N Cut N Inspire) that the ScanNCut is used in many different ways and for my different types of projects.

I am not an expert, just someone who has had an electronic cutter of one kind or another for over 10yrs and just someone with a curious mind where vector software is concerned. I like to see what I can do if I take shapes and weld and manipulate them with features in the software.

The Brother online cloud based software (Canvas) has the ability to import SVG files which are scalable vector graphics this type of file can be made using a free software programme off the net called Inkscape (link in sidebar for both Mac and Windows), thats why I use Inkscape a lot in my videos it has more features than Canvas, although where possible I will try and post an equivalent video for Canvas too when I have time.

I have lots of ideas for more videos and some to look out for over the coming weeks, Not necessarily in this order are-

adding outlines to images using Silhouette Studio (also free link in sidebar) how to make word frames using Canvas scollop shapes using Canvas borders to circles using Canvas using guide lines and align in Inkscape

Anyway all I can say is thank you and I am glad the videos help.

I am giving away two cutting files Ive designed in Canvas and there will also be a video tutorial in a few weeks showing how I made them.

If you want to share the cutting files please direct your friends to the link her on my blog, do not distribute it directly yourself or pass on or sell as your own work.


You have a top decorative layer and a matting layer to cut in different coloured card if you wish.

Here is the link to the FCM cutting file.

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