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2StitchOrganiser For Mac or Windows

Hi everyone, if you own an embroidery machine and use a Mac, you need to look at this stitch viewer/organiser.

Ive been looking for something free for some time and came across this little programme about 7 months ago and started using it.

I wanted to use it for a while and make sure it was ok on my Mac before sharing it, it lets you see a thumbnail of your stitch files, without having to open them in something like embrilliance essentials or embrilliance thumbnailer, which is about $40.

In the video I give you an over view and tell you where you can get the programme free, it has to be used on a computer, not iPad or mobile, but works with both Mac and Windows make sure you download the appropriate programme for your operating system.

Leave me a comment under the video if you have used it or if you think you will try it.

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