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Adding outlines with Serif Craft Artist 2 for ScanNCut

Ok so this week I have two videos for you. First let me say I don’t really know a lot about Craft Artist 2 I have it installed on an old windows laptop and as I don’t use windows Ive never really bothered to use the programme.

In our Facebook group someone mentioned they had, had good results from Scanning digital images after adding an outline using Serif, so I went and had a play and from the test Ive done so far it has worked perfectly.

Ive tried it on stamped and digi images and on a fee decoupage sheet off the net and all have scanned perfectly through the ScanNCut.

I apologise for the quality of the video but I had to try and film the video by recording the screen of the laptop.

The first video I show how I added the outline on a single image here

The second video shows how I did it using a sheet of decoupage here

As I said I don’t really know the programme that well this is just what worked for me. If you are a Serif expert and know a better way please let me know so that I can have a play further with the software.

Serif Craft Artist 2 can usually be bought on CD from Create and Craft, there is a link on the left in the side bar to their website. Alternatively you can buy it as a download from Daisytrail.

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