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Christmas Card

So its about 9 weeks to Christmas and I don’t know where the year has gone, in my house we are about to have our last school holiday before the Christmas break and historically this has always been the time when I start to think about Christmas list making and making my cards for friends and family.

This morning I received an email from Fontbundle telling me about their free font of the week Here

I thought it looked nice and decided to use it with my Christmas card I wanted to make a card using a stamp Ive had for years and use the SNC to cut out my stamped images and write my greeting.

For anyone interested the stamp is by Funstamps and its called Scribbled Snowman.

I made my SNC file with the Brother font converter and opened it in Canvas I decided in the end only to use the “Happy” from the free font and use a SNC font for the “Christmas” but it could all be done using SNC fonts. Once in the machine I set it to colour fill the word this gives the appearance of a stamped greeting.

Ive set up a template on the SNC so that it can write two greetings at a time for me whilst I am doing the colouring in of the snowman.

This is what Ive come up with and think its rather cute.

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