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Doorstop & Cushions

I made these simple envelope style cushions recently to tone down my conservatory furniture which have a kind of nondescript pattern in gold/rust/taupe colours.

This fabric matched perfectly with the gold tone so I made 4, then LouP on UKscrappers asked for help with a simple sewn gift idea she wanted to make and I remembered that I had seen a door stop idea in a mag and on the net.

So I decided I would make one with the left over fabric from my cushions.  I added a bit of applique detail using scraps of fabric and felt.

I designed a simple house shape and cut the pattern from card using my Pazzles Inspiration, which I then drew around onto the fabric and cut.

I used an applique stich which is on my sewing machine.

I have filled the inside with sand which is inside a ziplock bag and added just a bit of toy stuffing on top before I stitched it closed.

I love how it has turned out and think I will be making more of these.

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