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Etched Mirror

Ive had itchy feet so to speak where crafting is concerned I still have all my stash packed away as we will be moving again in a few months but this mirror was one of the few things that came with us when we moved into our temporary house in march and i don’t really know why i kept it.

Its a fairly good size about 20×15 and used to hang in our ensuite.

It was a washed beech effect wood frame so i painted it a few weeks ago when I did the toy box and today I decided that I would etch it.

That was really because the etch cream happens to be in one of the large storage box’s that I can get to.

Ive seen a bird on a branch with a birdhouse somewhere recently on the net I have no idea where and I dont even know if it was on a card or layout anyway I have not been able to find it at all so I decided to make my own again based on an image I found whilst trying to find the other one.

I cut it on the Pazzles using vinyl, then transfered it to the mirror and etched it.


Anyway I think it turned out ok.

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