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How To Make Fabric Vinyl/Faux Leather & HTV Keyring's

Hi everyone I hope you are all well, Ive started adding some keyring designs into my ScanNcut shop, these make great gifts.

They are easy to cut and assemble and use very minimal supplies.

They are double sided which makes them sturdy and look nice from any side.

These are the first two but by the time this blog post and video go live there will probably be more in the shop under vinyl keyring's.

A couple of tips if you make them

  1. I cut the vinyl/faux leather face up on a standard mat

  2. Cut the HTV right side or shiny side down on a standard mat the elements in the cutting file have been mirrored already for you.

  3. As a rule you don't normally layer glitter HTV onto glitter HTV, but as these wont be washed It should be ok to layer in this instance, if you are concerned use a mixture of regular HTV and glitter HTV as in the coffee cup design.

I hope you like them, the video assembly for the flip flops is below and it's the same procedure for all the other keyring designs.

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