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How to use Text with ScanNCut Print & Cut

Hi everyone in todays video I am showing you how you can create text and cut it out with a border using print and cut.

This is handy to know because you can create any text you like so it will help you personalise your projects, and you can use any colour as you are using your printer rather than using pens, which we normally draw with in our ScanNCut projects.

Please watch all the video as the steps for printing and exporting are different than those Ive shown in other print and cut videos that I've made in the past where I've used images.

I will link to my Youtube Print & Cut playlist below they are in newest order first.

The font I used is from Creative Fabrica it's free as part of your membership, but you should be able to buy it on its own and the print and cut is available from Amazon.

Also I will provide my affiliate link incase you want to join creative fabrica.

Print & Cut Playlist is here.

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