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Idea Room Easter EOS Holder

Easter is not far away and I don’t normally buy my daughter chocolate as from being a child she has always got so many Easter eggs so I got into the habit of buying her a small gift instead.

Amy over at The Idea Room has posted a free printable Easter EOS holder I know these are quite popular, they are not so readily available in the UK but I did manage to get one as a stocking filler at Christmas for my daughter who loves it, so I am thinking I may buy another one and make one of these.

They would be so easy to cut with the ScanNCut too. All you have to do is print Amys pdf document from Here

She is offering three printable designs, a chick, bunny and frog all of them are so cute.

Once you have printed your design stick it onto your regular SNC mat, load it into the machine and choose pattern, select a square and put it onto your mat and then choose add and go back to patterns and add a circle.

Leave them both on your screen and hit the background scan icon which is the blue scanner icon on the left of the page.

As SNC is a full colour scanner you should be able to see the designs on screen, you can then select the circle and size it accordingly from memory the diameter needed is 1.5 inches, and using the new zoom function you can position the circle in the middle of the design whilst zoomed in for accuracy.

Then choose the square and using the edit button select the uncheck aspect ration icon which will allow you to now resize the height and width of your square to fit around the design to suit you.

Repeat this for all 4 of the designs on the sheet if you need more than one EOS holder to cut, you should now be done.

Hers a peek at the designs Amy is offering.

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