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Juki MO1000 Overlocker

I have an overlocker and it’s perfectly fine and works lovely the problem I have is when the thread breaks or I need to change colour.

It takes me several attempts to rethread it and I get annoyed with myself, so I saw this Juki on sale at Create and Craft a while ago but only caught the end of the presentation but enough to see that it has air threading technology for the loopers and a needle threaded for both regular needles, neither of which my overlocker has.

I went online and found a dealer about 15 miles away, he didn’t have one but said he would get one for me to test out which I thought was great.

He contacted me last week and said it was in, this machine is a dream to thread and sounds and feels like a good quality machine.

He leant me the instructional DVD and said I could bring it back anytime.

On Tuesday this week I decided I would treat myself to it, so I ordered one and it arrived today.

After unpacking it I had threaded it without the aid of the Manual and was up and sewing in 5 minutes.

I even unthreaded it just for the fun of it and re threaded it, it truly is a very easy machine to deal with a sews lovely.

Here it is.



It comes with spare needles, tweezers, screw driver and lint brush with built in needle holder which is genius for when you have to change a needle all of which store in the front panel.

It has a manual needle threader for if using thicker yarns and this also acts as a pipe cleaner for the air threading system.

It has a thread catcher which I love mine didn’t have that, spool holders, nets and caps for if using small bobbins of thread and an on board carry handle for easy carrying.

The manual seems comprehensive as I said I didn’t use it to thread the machine but have had a quick look at it and it has a DVD which is very good broken down into chapters love words and pictures and a 2 yr guarantee.

So all in all I am pleased with my purchase and hope it will last many years.

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